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Feb 12 15 3:23 PM

Destin Meet

Hi,  I am new to the forum.  Was at Mc Donalds today in PC and a really nice guy came up to me in a red 3rd Gen  TA and gave me a card with your web address.  He told me about a meet that I thought was March 28th.  I am interested in joining you all but not sure if the Desin meet is a different event from the one on the 28th.  Would appreciate if someone can set me straight on the date and place.

I own a black and silver 1977 Pontiac Trans Am resto mod with Pontica power.  Look forward to meeting some of you. Appreciate the fact that you include us old tech guys.

Jim Middleton (Hotbird412)
Panama City, FL

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Feb 13 15 1:42 PM

yea its the same meet there just changing the location and letting all kinds of hot rods to come :)

This years Fbody Meet will be held at the Helen Back in Niceville on March 28th starting at 11am.  This year we are officially changing the name of the meet to the Panhandle Muscle Car meet to encourage an even greater turnout and to add some variety to the meet.  Hope to see ya there.  

Helen Back 
1128 East John Sims Parkway, Niceville, FL 32578

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Feb 22 15 8:01 AM

Jim good meeting you, and speaking to you briefly. I've seen your T/A around, and always loved it. We welcome all makes and models, as my roots are old school Oldsmobiles, perhaps one day my wife will let me have another ;) As much as I love the LSx cars, I'll never forget how to curve a HEI or trim metering rods on a quadrajet. I'm probably the only 2nd gen 'Bird lover who wouldn't shy away from a 403 Olds powered car ;) Just for fun, I'm attaching a pic of the red Camaro I was in that day, ironic that I bumped into you because it hadn't been out of the garage in over 8 months until that day. :)

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